It is every individual’s dream to live in a place where one finds comfort and contentment. To be able to provide a better future can only be possible if one is given  sufficient time to fulfill one’s dream. Since it is for life and it is permanent, an Immigrant Visa can help in living out one’s dream.

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Education is a major stepping stone in achieving greater heights for career-oriented individuals. The fulfillment found in self-improvement and growth is an endeavor that some will go at great lengths to experience. Knowledge is power that brings many closer to the top. Undeniably, there are countries where the cream of the crop of the academe can be found and which are willing to share their vast knowledge and experience. A student Visa gives one the chance to learn from the best education institutions around the world. To have a curriculum vitae with such educational background is indeed a wise investment.


Long separation can make the heart wander. Couples need to live a harmonious and love-filled life that can be brought about by being there for each other, to have and to hold at all times. Spousal Visa closes the gap and reinforces the relationship.


Falling in love is wonderful. Marriage is to commit oneself to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is a life-changing decision and will need quality time to be able to get to know each other. Fiancé Visa allows a couple to develop in a rhythm of love and understanding that is necessary for a relationship to deepen.


To visit and discover the world that is full of wonder and adventure is a learning experience that leaves a lasting mark. To be actually in places written about in history books and where fairy tales and novels were inspired from, creates a tremendous sense of fulfillment that no school can ever teach or produce. Tourist Visa is the answer for those who seek first-hand experience of what it is like. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.


We live in a fast-paced world that is fast changing and becoming more and more challenging. There are things we need to do but keep us distant from one another, and there are things that we need to prioritize because it is important that we keep in touch with one another in order to restore relationships or build new ones. Be it for business or personal reasons, a Visit Visa can bridge the distance and provide lasting collaborations with a personal touch.



Here’s another successful Canada Immigrant Visa applicant who got her visa during COVID period. Congratulations to Ms. Geddielyn De Vera!

"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there"

Congratulations to Mr. Sean Jame Gelbolingo! He’s one of our successful Canada immigrant visa applicants who got his visa during COVID period. Be the next immigrant..
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PHILIPPINES this is for you!

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Message from our FOUNDER

After many years of establishing a good name for Pinoycare Visa Center, I am privileged to be writing this message as the Chief Executive Offices. The humble beginnings of Pinoycare started from the ground up, it grew through word of mouth and referrals, became the largest and the number one visa provider in the entire Philippines which is unforgettable in the history of human services.

Since 1999 up to the present, Pinoycare has maintained its remarkable performance in the industry with unlimited expansion towards the Middle East and Asia carrying the flag of the Philippines, giving opportunities not only to filipinos but to other nationalities who are aspiring to live, work and acquire citizenship in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA and more.

All these were made possible because of Pinoycare’s expertise in documentation. Behind every milestone of the company are our successful applicants who are now enjoying a better life in abroad.

To bridge people to their dreams is more than just a business. It is the culmination of my commitment to help Filipinos have a better life outside our motherland. I was, I am and will be the instrument to make it happen. My company is better placed than ever to bridge people to the better life. With Pinoycare nothing is impossible.


Pinoycare Visa Center aspires to be the answer to a world seeking global immigration solutions.

Pinoycare Visa Center visualizes itself to be the paramount solutions provider for Filipinos and other nationalities by giving them ways and means to acquire visa.


Pinoycare Visa Center takes pride in providing excellent, high quality, personalized, and legitimate services in assisting people to acquire visa. In particular, Pinoycare Visa Center seeks to reach out to people who aspire to become better, to live full lives, and to realize their dreams.


  • Pinoycare Visa Center Inc. is a multi national company with offices in major cities in the Philippines and abroad to serve not only Filipinos but other nationalities as well who are seeking a better opportunity outside their home country.
  • PinoyCare Visa Center Inc and its clients are duly represented by a Licensed Immigration Consultant. The company is also accredited by the International Development Program and British Council and is one with the highest track record of IELTS passers in the whole Philippines.
  • The company is a member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Cebu Chamber of Commerce wherein Pinoycare is a (recepient) of awards given by these prestigious organizations.
  • The success story of the company has earned mileage from media and government groups as well as private organizations especially in the visa provider industry.
  • To this day, Pinoycare Visa Center holds the unbreakable record of serving the most number of clients since it was established in 1999.
  • Pinoycare Visa Center is strongly supported by an umbrella of sister companies;
  1. Amax Philippines International Promotion, Inc., a recruitment agency duly licensed by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration
  2. Pinoyland International Properties, Inc., a real estate business
  3. Philippine Manpower Care Solutions, Inc., a local manpower agency
  4. Care Center Management Services, a staffing company in the United Arab Emirates
  5. Pinocare PTE Ltd., a consultancy firm in Singapore
  6. Opportunitiesabroad Visa Processing Services

All of the above contributed to the strong foundation of Pinoycare Visa Center, on solid ground, ready for further growth, expansion and innovation


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