Message from the President & CEO

Prisca Niña Ompoc Mabatid - President and CEO of Pinoycare Visa Center Inc.Greetings!
I am PRISCA NIÑA MABATID, CEO/President of PinoyCare Visa Center. Through the years, we have become a well-respected company. Our expertise have led us to become one of the best Visa Consultancy firm in the country. To be able to receive such accolade, it takes a determined leadership whose main paradigm is to establish a company built on trustworthiness, excellence and drive to become a solution-oriented consultancy. Despite the negative propaganda thrown at the company by our competitors, the credibility of PinoyCare remains intact as scores of previous clients attest to the high standards of the company. The media recognized such endeavor of keeping the company clean and free from any liability. As a matter of fact, I am privileged to be given the highest award by the Media as the Top Cebuano in the field of Entrepreneurship.

There are territories needed to be conquered in order to expand the opportunities for the Filipinos who desire to be able to provide their family a comfortable life. Many countries have opened its doors for the hard working and industrious family man. We at PinoyCare are the catalysts that jumpstart the process of acquiring the needed Visa through a well-organized and experienced consultancy. We believe in the talent and capability of the Filipinos. To bridge the gap between the dream and the fulfillment of that dream is the main goal of PinoyCare Visa Center. We understand the need of every applicant to cross that bridge. We expedite the process of fulfillment and it remains in the heart of the people of PINOYCARE. We hold a track record of successful and satisfied clients who are now enjoying the benefits that other countries offer.

Why Canada & New Zealand?

A fast growing, modern, industrialized nations, Canada and New Zealand offer unlimited potential and opportunity. These 2 countries are two of the richest countries and keep getting better. They are the best choice for a second home.

Why Pinoycare?

Pinoycare's expertise proves its record of consistency and quality of service. Pinoycare's credibility has gained recognition not only in the industry but in the field of media, government alliances and society.
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Our Track Record

Our track record proves the credibility which prevailed and is unsurpassed because we are built by the foundation of truth and reliability.
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