Walter Orcerada

"I'm an Engineer by profession. I was having a good career and could provide quite well for my family when I was working abroad for years. Although, work was giving me substantial income, the years of being away from my family could not really compensate. I made a decision to find a way where I could be able to provide a more solid family life. I went back to the Philippines, tried to establish some firm footing, but as my family grew bigger, my financial savings became smaller. I knew I had to do something. I chanced upon the radio advertisement of Pinoycare and it got me thinking. I attended their seminar and it was there and then that I decided that this is the path I will take. Pinoycare Visa Center managed my application and they retally saw me through from the moment I signed up until I finally got my passport with my visa stamped on it. What I appreciate most is the personalized service, expert advice, and efficiency in their execution. My family and I celebrated the day we got our Visa. I thank Pinoycare for helping me be able to give my family a firm foundation for a better life in Canada."

Aimee Ramos

A teacher friend of mine asked me to accompany her to a free seminar of Pinoycare on "How to live and work in Canada. As the seminar began, the vivid video of Canada and New Zealand flashed on the screen caught my attention. Then the testimonies of the people that the company has helped in making it possible for them to crossover to Canada, made me think, even wished I was them. It was really building up as I learned how Pinoycare is a complete package, one-stop-shop where all that you need for a successful application is possible. What made me decide to join Pinoycare was when I heard a live testimonial of a successful applicant who have tried other visa agencies and ended up scammed, but WITH Pinoycare, he was able to complete the process with the provisions of Free IELTS Review, the one on one close coordination and many other services that only Pinoycare has. I decided fully convinced. A year and a half after that, I was the one standing in front of the crowd giving a testimony! I am now a Canadian Immigrant!!! Thanks to Pinoycare Visa Center.

Rochelle Mimura

I got a call from Pinoycare Visa Center informing me that a friend of mine referred me. I was invited to attend a free seminar on How to live and work in Canada and New Zealand". I went to the seminar. As I listened, I immediately knew this was the way for me to go. Luck was on my side that evening because I won in their raffle which entitled me a 50% Discount on their processing fee. With the savings I had, I availed their services. I focused on really complying the requirements as soon as I could. I gave it my 100% effort which Pinoycare reciprocated with 110% service. After 2 weeks, I already received a courier package with my passport in it and stamped with my NEW ZEALAND STUDENT VISA! I figured the fastest and easiest way out of the country was through the Study/Work Pathway that New Zealand offered. At present I am now working in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a Department Store Manager, a job I got after graduation. I am just awaiting my Immigrant Visa. Thank you Pinoycare, I could not have reached this without your help. God bless you Mam Niña and your company.

Kristine Sabio

I am young and ambitious; full of energy and my love for adventure makes my life full of thrills. I was seeking for something that was out of the ordinary. I have always wanted to travel and learn about life through my encounters and experiences. When I heard a radio advertisement of Pinoycare Visa Center about living and working abroad, my heart skipped a beat. I google searched the company and I got more excited. I attended their seminar and that was were I learned about New Zealand and its study/work pathway to become an immigrant there. I spoke to my parents about it and expressed my desire to go to New Zealand. I have made my plans and loaned the money for my tuition fee. I then applied with Pinoycare Visa Center. They helped me from choosing my course and guided me through the process. True enough was Pinoycare in all that they explained during the seminar. In 2 weeks my student visa was ready. I opted to go to New Zealand sometime Feb of 2016 and study at Cornell University.

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the sound of cowbells! I am currently working 2 jobs and on my free time, I explore the countryside and get to learn more about its culture and its people. I love this place, New Zealand, it is amazing and full of wonder. My life is where I want it to be and I am living it to the fullest! Thank you, Pinoycare, I hope you continue to inspire, encourage, and help many more, especially the young people, to live their dreams.

Katrina Wee

It has always been my dream to work abroad, but Pinoycare Visa Center enlightened me to look beyond just working. During the orientation for Canada in Zamboanga City, I learned that we can go to Canada and be permanent residents there and not just overseas workers. Having the Immigrant Visa have huge advantages, because being PR has more benefits than being an OFW. It is the first step in being a Canadian citizen, and as such I can also extend this status to my family members. It is a lifetime security and no one can take it away from us. Pinoycare has been a big part in my success in getting the Immigrant Visa, for me and my son. Thru their excellent service, I have felt that they have not only treated like a client but more like a family. Thank you so much Ma'am Niña and all the staff members of Pinoycare! Continue to be the key in changing people's lives and making it more fulfilling! More power and God bless!

Pocholo Wayne Gonzales

I have always dreamed of working abroad as early as I could remember, “I will go to America.” So I studied nursing for the primary purpose of working abroad. When I graduated, I immediately worked on my application for the United States of America. Unfortunately, the Twin Towers of the World Center was bombed and my dreams turned into ashes. My desire to work abroad did not die within me; I again tried, this time the opportunity for Finland came. I grabbed it, I studied Finnish Language hoping to finally find the answer to my dreams. Finland suffered an economic crisis and their program for foreign workers closed. I was downhearted, it seemed liked that was the end of my dream. I have exhausted my savings and was also ashamed of letting my parent’s down because they also invested financially to support my dreams. I was resigned to accept my fate, I retreated. Then my fate took a sudden twist when my best friend whom I have not seen in years, appeared at my doorstep and told me about PINOYCARE VISA CENTER being in town to do a seminar on how to live and work in Canada. He encouraged and urged me to attend. Still traumatized, I was hesitant at first, but my friend was insistent and persisted. I attended, and as I listened and saw the opportunity the company was bringing, my hopes soared. This could be it. I applied for Canadian Immigrant Visa, keeping it a secret to my family.

Pinoycare really did a good job with my application. It provided me a straight path and the whole process was hassle and stress free. What a relief it was for me because while I was waiting for my visa to be delivered, I travelled all around the Philippines with Pinoycare to give testimony and it was all expenses paid!!!

When I held my Canadian Immigrant Visa, tears of joy just flowed. I am now in Canada living my dream life, thank you Pinoycare!!!

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