Message of the President

Message of the CEO

It has been 17 years since I started my company, Pinoycare Visa Center. As the president and CEO, I humbly share with you the road I traveled to reach the destiny I have set for myself. It all began with a dream and a strong desire to elevate my family from poverty. My hunger stemmed from the fact that I was one of many who were struggling to cope with a hand to mouth existence. I worked hard and juggled between jobs just to put food on the table and pay bills. I was so driven to learn new things that could make my life a little bit better. When I finally landed a clerical job in a recruitment agency, I took every opportunity to gain knowledge and master the ins and outs of the industry. In no time, I was able to establish a network of solid connections that helped the growth of Pinoycare and set the pace of where the company is today.

Determination, hard work, and the knowledge gained through experience were all that I really had when I decided to start Pinoycare Visa Center. I was all alone doing everything inside a two-seater borrowed office. A big realization dawned on me that there are many Filipinos who are aspiring to leave the country in order to provide a better life for their families. I constantly asked myself : What opportunities are available to them? How can I be of helped to these people? The options out there is just temporary. I told myself to give these people a chance by giving them a better option in life.

I researched and discovered that the other alternative is to provide them best processing service thru Immigrant Visa! Part of the process was to deliberate which countries can provide a long-term benefits? I investigated, and studied the marketability of countries other than the U.S.A. and finally found the answer – CANADA! I began with a handful of clients and in no time by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers, I was able to expand my business and moved to a bigger office to accommodate the growing clientele. The numbers grew bigger as the name Pinoycare Visa Center was on everyone’s lips and became widely known to be the “DREAM MAKER”.

I have so much love for this business primarily because of the overwhelming fulfillment of witnessing the transformation of so many people’s lives changed for the better. I always make a conscious effort to look for ways and means to level up my services that will make it easier for everyone to achieve their dreams. We have indeed come a long way but I cannot rest my laurels yet as I believe that, with our strong presence in this field we can further expand and bridge the gap between Filipinos and the world.

At this point, the demand is high for global expansion. In recent years, we have opened international offices in Asia and the Middle East. We have also covered and processed a variety of visas, making it possible for us to open new doors of opportunities not only to Filipinos but other nationalities as well. I am reaching out to your respected company to become a part of this initiative to help me realize everyone’s dreams of migrating to your country. It is my hope that with your collaboration, we can be the catalyst for significant change to better the lives of the many. I can assure you that Pinoycare Visa Center is capable of accomplishing the company’s objectives as well as make our future partnership a very solid and productive one